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Name of Position: Brand Director

Position Duties:

1. Be responsible for content planning of the company’s publicity, including brand packing, event planning, advertising planning, and PR planning;

2. Analyze the market positioning of the products operated by this company, lock the target users group, and define the market advertising direction of the products, based on the characteristics of such products, and against the market environment and competitors;

3. Formulate effective marketing implementation plans, and complete the established marketing target through various market promotion means;

4. Establish perfect market database and competing products analysis system;

5. Be familiar with internet communication, and understand the operation of We Media, including mass media, Weibo and WeChat etc.


1. Three years or more working experience of marketing;

2. Be familiar with the marketing mode of mobile internet products, be highly sensitive, and have great capacity for market information analysis and market exploration;

3. Sound capacity for communication, coordination, organization and planning;

4. Be familiar with various office software;

5. Sound team work spirit, professional ethics; have good power of execution;

6. The planning experience of Internet brand market is preferred.

We provide good salary. Anyone interested may contact us by the information below to discuss the details.

Company Address: block B unit 1212, Fenglian Plaza building, No. 18, Chaoyang District Wai Avenue, Beijing 100125

Tel: 010-84585021